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CMIS Executive Awards Leadership:

CMIS Chairman, Director
Richard Rydstrom, Esq.
Rydstrom Law Office
4695 MacArthur Court
11th Floor
Newport Beach, Ca 92660
(949) 678-2218

CMIS General Counsel, Director
Andrew J. Sherman
Partner--M+A and Corporate
Jones Day, Washington, DC

The Work of the Coalition:

The Coalition for Mortgage Industry Solutions (CMIS) provides a unique forum in which leaders from across the mortgage, finance and credit industries can work together and take a leading role in defining meaningful and viable solutions for the welfare and benefit of their industries, the economy and the consumer. The coalition acts to convert all related industry and consumer, diverse and conflicting self-interests, into comprehensive workable solutions, legislative and regulatory initiatives.

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CMIS Mortgage Coalition
Coalition For Mortgage Industry Solutions™ (CMIS™)

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2008 DC Leadership Summit

What’s New!

Jan. 19, 2010
Waiver of HUD 90-Day Resale Flipping Rule
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Jan. 7, 2010
New RESPA, TILA (Reg. Z), and the
Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act Rules
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The 8th CA Law of Oct 11 2009
No Upfront Fees for Modifications
No Ca Attorney Exception
Click Here CA SB 94 Text
Click Here CA State Bar Summary Q&A

Seven (7)
New California Mortgage Laws
Added to the Pile
Oct. 13, 2009
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New HAMP Supplemental Directive 09-07,
The HAMP 500,000 Modification Milestone Announcement,
New Servicer Performance Report, COB 9-30-09
Making Home Affordable Remaining Problems & Solutions:
Rising Foreclosures & The Threat of Negative Equity
Effective, Efficient, Equally Fair, & Transparent (“EEET”) Communication Process,
Senior Level Authority - Dedicated Professional-to-Professional Approval Contacts

Neutral Analysis – Part 1

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HAMP Supplemental Directive 09-07
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10-1-09 Court Mediation Program
New REED Bill S.1731 Article Text Stmts

No-Fault-No-Income Assistance; Court Mediation;
Mandatory Modification Evaluations;
Face-to-Face Alternatives to Foreclosures;
Foreclosure Process Regulation; Part 1 New Bill Introduction
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Jumbo Mortgage Sector
Uncertainty Breeds Indecisiveness and Illiquidity
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News 9-15-09: Commercial MBS: REMICs & Trusts

New Final Regulations Resolve Open Issues for Modifications of Commercial Mortgages Held by REMICs –
But Modifications Held by Investment Trusts
Remain Unanswered Pending Comments
[TD 9463, Rev. Proc. 2009-45, Notice 2009-79]
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Report: Next Phase of Financial Policy
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Supplemental Directive 09-06 September 11, 2009
Home Affordable Modification Program – Data Collection and Reporting Requirements Guidance
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NPV Test Model 3.0
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*New 8/13/09
2nd Lien Mod Program (“2MP”)
Supplemental Directive 09-05
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New 8/4/09
Treasury Servicer Report #1
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NEW 8/1/09
Supplemental Directive 09-04 -

Home Affordable Modification Guidelines: Home Price Decline Protection Incentives
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2009 HAMP Registration, Forms, Guidelines & Updates
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All the President’s HAMPmen -
Screaming from the Rooftop of the White House! ™

[New July 2009 HAMP Guidelines & Special Treasury Meeting]
[HAMP Foreclosure Forbearance – Supplemental Directive 09-01]
New HAMP Draft Guidelines July 20-28, 2009
New Foreclosure Forbearance - Supp. D. 09-01
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The New American-Dream Team: FHA/Ginnie Mae;
The $1 Trillion Ballooning of FHA/Ginnie Mae;
2010’s Special Default Servicer’s Outsource Dream
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2009 CMIS Awards
News Release July 28, 2009

2009 Publications:
CMISfocus™ eMagazine


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New NBI/CMIS Webcast:
Dec. 4, 2009 Live Video CLE Webcast for Servicers, Attorneys, Judges, AGs,  CPAs, etc. entitled:
The Business, Law & Ethics of Mortgage Modifications: Learn How to Legally Navigate in the New Mortgage Resolution Climate (NBI #52276ER) -
 (#52276DVDCDR) Video DVD + Course Book (CD-ROM) - Recorded: December 04, 2009

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Program Exhibits & Followups


CMIS Summit Wilbur Ross
Speaking with Richard Rydstrom on
Mortgage Banking Principal Reduction Solutions

2009 HAMP Registration, Forms,
Guidelines, Updates & Best Practices

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July 20, 2009
Treasury Draft Servicing Guidelines
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Official HAMP
Servicer  Site
This site provides mortgage servicers the information & tools needed to participate in the Treasury Department's Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP).
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AFN NOTICE RE Comment Period re
MHA Risk Based Capital Requirements

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June 2008 CMIS DC
Leadership Summit

with Wilbur Ross, etc.
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June 2008
CMIS Summit Handbook &
CMIS Information, Executive Bios & Policy
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CMIS Summit
Wilbur Ross in Conversation with
Richard Rydstrom
at the DC Summit on 6-17-08
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Person of The Week
Richard Ivar Rydstrom
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A Case for Conversation _
CMIS Summit in Review
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